Thursday, 1 May 2014

May 1 - Listening to Music Written tasks

On My 1 all participants were taking music theory task.
Jury meeting before the written task checking the translated worksheets- Gabriela Konkol, Ruta Girdzijauskiene, Ene Kangron and Irena Nelsone and other members (not in the picture).

 Group 1 at the written task.
Jury of th group 1 - Ilga Millere (Latvia), Ruta Girdzijauskiene (Lithuania), Gabriela Konkol (Poland), Jan Prchal (Czeck Republic) and Ilze Vilde (Latvia).

Group 2 at the written task. 
Jury - Irena Nelsone (Latvia), Ilma Grauzdiņa (Latvia), Branka Rotar Pance (Slovenia) 
andEne Kangron (Estonia) not in the picture.

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