Dear colleagues from Riga!
Thank you so much for the huge work you have done for the 2nd International Music Olympiad! We are really happy that the idea of music olympiads is developing and we can be proud of the talented young musicians and tomorrow...
(Ene Kangron, Estonia)

It was great to see that the olympiad again was a big success! We will include it on EAS website.
Thanks for all your work for this special international event!!!
(Gerhard Sammer, Germany)

Many thanks for the excellent organized event. Three days of music and wonderful people – it was great. Thanks to the organizers for their hospitality and excellent work. Lithuania has a challenge – to host International Music Olympiad in 2016 as well as you did. Many thanks once more and best wishes from all the Lithuanian delegation.The 2nd International Music Olympiad 2014 in Riga was great!
(Rūta Girdzijauskienė, Lithuania)

Dear Ruta and Irena,
Thank you for all organising efforts and activities related to the 2nd International Music Olympiad in Riga. Thank you for hospitality, great concert, receptions and fruitful discussions between the competition. Thanks also to all from your team! Greetings from Ljubljana,
(Branka Rotar Pance, Slovenia)

Thank you very very very much for all you have done for us. That was amazing 3 days, I was amazed by Riga, by organization of olympiad, of level of all children, of personality of ladies in jury, of course of Erik (composer Eriks Esenvalds) too!
(Jan Prhal, Czech Republic)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank a girl and her teacher/mentor (unfortunately I don't know their names) for helping us performing our participant's composition. I know that Branka Rotar Pance already thank them but I would like them to know that I am very grateful for helping us too. I did thank a boy who performed my participant's composition on cello for several times. Thank You very much!
(Jasmina Žagar, Slovenia)

Thank you very much for excellent organisation, for being helpful, nice and polite with us. We remind our meeting and stay in Riga very, very well. Thank you! You All are very nice and friendly. It was very interesting and nice time.
(Anna Szarapka, Poland, Bydgoszcz)

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